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Running ad campaigns for your games is an important tool for reaching your audience, but knowing what works, and optimizing the return on your ad spend can make all the difference between success and failure.

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ROAS driven campaigns

Blackmilk Gaming bundles forces with Steam Data Suite on the attribution of advertising campaigns for games on Steam. The Steam Data Suite platform provides vital insights on conversion and uplift, and allows structural optimization of campaigns, channel utilization and creative usage. This means all campaigns run by Blackmilk Gaming can be optimized towards solid ROI and revenue based goals. Our unique partnership allows full transparency from campaign set up, right through to action, whether it’s a wishlist or download.


As a result your ad budget is used in the best way possible.

Where the traditional e-commerce funnel relies on passing source information through the sales funnel, this doesn’t work for app stores like Steam. With potential players transitioning between the browser, the Steam client and the game, we can not rely on passing on the information in the same way.


A different approach is needed to keep track of which promotional effort brought them in.


Using fingerprinting methodology Steam Data Suite tracks ‘around’ the app store. What that means? We create an anonymous identifier for a potential player when they click an a Blackmilk Gaming ad link, then go over the same process when they show up in your game for the first time. Based on that a probabilistic algorithm is able to predict which new players came in because they clicked a link associated with a specific campaign and channel run by Blackmilk Gaming.

With this unique collaboration, as well as helping optimize your ad spend and impact of your promotions, this bundle can allow you to optimize a lot more.


There are many aspects about working with Steam that we can automate and make easy, including comparing the impact of on-platform promotions, optimizing your store page conversion rate, finding your perfect tags, improving your visibility.


We help by bringing many data sources together, and allowing you to understand the market and your competitors, optimize based off of action driven overviews and get a good grip on your performance from a top level overview to any specific metric.

Nearly 2% of Steam games is already using Steam Data Suite, including

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