ROI Driven Campaigns We plan, implement and optimize your marketing campaigns so you know exactly where every penny of media spend is going. a Tracking & Optimization Measure direct ROI on all of your digital marketing spending and grow your game effectively. a Content creation With our in-house production team we create strong content that converts viewers into gamers. Game sequence Influencer Campaigns We utilize the world’s largest index of gaming creators to offer full service campaign management from start to finish.

ROI Driven Campaigns

Using market leading attribution technology, we can strategically plan, implement and optimize your game marketing, working as an extension of your marketing team.


Our technology gives you the unique ability to know exactly which ads, audiences and channels are bringing the most revenue so you know exactly where every penny of media spend is going, and how much it’s bringing back in!


With experience in launching games across the world, our team is with you every step of the way no matter where you want to advertise.

Our team of specialists offer the highest quality account management through Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Discord and Slack, whilst also providing the expertise to plan, execute and optimize your paid media strategy.


With our extensive list of ad networks in our network we secure high quality traffic to reach your target audiences. We also have the proven expertise of all paid social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Tik Tok etc.


We create a bespoke plan and become an extension of your marketing team to implement high quality campaigns to meet the goals for your game.

Using our attribution technology for PC and Console games, we are able to optimize campaigns based on the factors that are generating the most game sales and giving the highest return on investment.


We create custom audiences based on the unique data we capture, keeping a laser focus on best performing segments. We use constantly evolving optimization techniques to scale up campaigns where we see best performance.

Across All Platforms

Master your marketing with industry-leading attribution

No more flying blind when it comes to your marketing budget. Blackmilk Gaming allows you to measure direct ROI on all of your digital marketing spending. Learn what works and what doesn’t so you can do more of what works.


Understand which marketing channels actually produce game sales and grow your game effectively.


Monitor campaigns across display, social, and influencer networks.


Connect in-game spending to marketing spend no matter how your game monetizes.

Granular Attribution for Campaign Measurement
Detailed reporting, including multi-touch, shows performance at any resolution.


Optimization Capabilities
Base your marketing spend on what is driving actual sales and not just clicks.


Advanced Influencer Measurement
Measure the true impact of influencer campaigns on Twitch & YouTube.


Full – Funnel Attribution
Including in-game purchase, retention, & DLC measurement.


Network Integrations
Integrated with Facebook, Google, and additional ad networks.

Content Creation


The Blackmilk Creative Studio has a wealth of experience creating content for all advertising channels.


We create banners, videos, and interactive ads highly optimized for each media channel. Using past data and insight, we create valuable content that actually gets seen and converts gamers into customers!

Influencer Marketing

We offer a bespoke consultative approach to influencer marketing.


Using the biggest influencer database in the world, we use data to find most suitable influencers and offer comprehensive planning and management of your influencer campaigns.


We arrange so that every participating influencer will fulfill the deliverables and gameplay within the timeframe of the Campaign and ensure that the target audience sees, experiences, and understands key aspects and features of your game.

Our system automatically monitors all content pieces of your campaign. Get valuable insights on key metrics and content delivery, such as amount of minutes viewed, cost per viewer minute, average concurrent viewers and chat engagements.


Using our tracking link system we can measure and report on how many game sales were generated by each influencer, giving complete accountability and insight into the performance of campaigns.


Receive a detailed breakdown on your campaign after the completion of all promotions.