Storm Trooper Marketing Financing We offer user acquisition funding to help you to acquire new users and boost your game revenues.

Beat the game with us

Blackmilk is a marketing consultancy agency concentrating on the gaming sector.
Integrating smoothly as an extension of your marketing team, we can plan and execute revenue generating ad campaigns, reliably source, manage and optimize data-led influencer campaigns and measure direct ROI on all digital marketing spending.
As a company that works with all kinds of development studios for several years now, we do understand the impact cash flow issues can have on your growth campaigns. This is why we have teamed up with 1Up Capital to be able to provide you with a source of user acquisition funding.


We help gaming companies to scale their user acquisition activities. Our solution enables gaming studios and publishers to establish a reliable and consistent source of UA funding.


We have teamed up with 1Up Capital the leading UA fund to give you access to the credit lines needed to focus on the development of your game and studio. Through this exclusive partnership we are able to offer fair and transparent rates to grow your users faster than the competition.

1. User Acquisition at Scale: Scale your game faster than your competition.


2. No Dilution, No Debt: You keep 100% of your company, we simply finance your growth.


3. Campaign Execution: Access to expert advice on ad campaign management and optimization.


4. Full Transparency: Track your ROI, UA funding activities, and cash flows through our real-time dashboard