App Marketing App Marketing We work on all buying models in order to scale you mobile game efficiently. Working alongside key attribution and ad network partners across the globe, Blackmilk Gaming has extensive experience in running ROAS positive and scalable campaigns for mobile.

How we beat User Acquisition


Connected direct networks


Delivered downloads


Attributed users


ROAS driven campaigns

ROAS driven campaigns

We are one of the fastest growing user acquisition platforms. 


Our teams are based in Germany and the UK, running operations across Europe, the UK, US, SEA, MENA, India and Korea. 


Blackmilk Gaming currently runs collaborations with the top 15+ DSPs, self-serve platforms and over 300 direct networks across the globe. Together we have delivered 20M+ installs & 10M+ attributed users so far for our mobile partners.

All our UA campaigns are targeting across geos, operating systems, versions, categories, carriers and devices. 


Our teams and campaigns are fully driven by hard KPIs: We run CPI / CPA, CPM, CPC and CPV campaign models.


We have specialized in APK based user acquisition with strategic partnerships with OEMs, 3rd party app stores, file sharing apps and FOTA players.

As a media consultancy agency, we integrate seamlessly with the UA teams of our clients to plan and run campaigns, including a smooth onboarding process, technical assistance, campaign set up and optimisations, as well as delivering ongoing and final reporting.

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